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Tarik Rosin aka the "T-REX" is the original Do-It-Yourself at home Oil Extraction machine. Some call it a hair straightener 2.0, say it looks like an old school cd-player, or even looks like a threat to the BHO industry....others wonder why we use "T-Rex" to refer to it or what is "Rosin"...but all who have seen this Rosin Extraction Press in person seem to agree that this little machine is pretty amazing.

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This company really worked with me when it came to my delivery. My Post Office sent my package back to them and I called Tarik instantly. He told me once he gets it he will send it right back. He did and messaged me the tracking number. I got it and was upset that my glass chamber was cracked. So unfortunately I had to call again. He reassured me with no worries and mailed me a new one right away!! I filed a claim on the damage and received my new one! They worked great with me and all my issues. I recommend them to everyone!

Tania Wright

Great product, had a few teething problems but then i realised to pre squash and wet my bud when it's old and dry as a bone and use very small bits with no twig ... now i get mini slabs to dab from a few tiny nuglets... love it
Maybe the bigger presses kick ass but i don't have much money or an engineering degree ...
If you're the same and want some lovely rosin quick and easy, get one

James Lawn

This company goes above and beyond for its customers I couldn’t say enough good things the products great, But you must be careful there a lot of fakes around for same price or cheaper and there china copy’s known to catch fire.
Tarik the firm to use you get a original that does all your needs and is ideal for beginners or pro alike the version 2 (white one is the best) in my opinion keep up the good work guys
AAA Rating

Martyn Ellison

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